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Cathy E.
Humira Mom – 2017 camping lifestyle Mikkel Vang – director
UCB 101 Improv UCB 201 Improv UCB 301 Improv
UCB 401 Improv UCB Character 101 UCB Sketch 101
UCB Advance Improv
The Clubhouse – bootcamp
Improv Group
Eagle Beagle Old Man Cane
Brian Reise Acting Studio Basic Acting
ACH Casting Studios Commercial Acting
Terry Berland Commercial Acting Workshop
Edge Studio Phase 1 – Voice Over Acting
Physical Characteristics / Measurements
Height: 5’6″ Weight: 130 lbs Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Red Hair Length: Shoulder Length

Improv – long form, Improv – short form, Comedian, Voiceover, Philadelphia Accent

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