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Katie P.


The Man with my Husband’s Face Supporting Lead Danny Boyle/Almost Never Films
Tonic Supporting Derek Presley/Muscular Puppy
Coward Supporting Merlin Camozzi
Seeing Someone Lead Andrew Carter/Lofty Thoughts
Airway Supporting Jessica Redish/RoosterOnAWire
Got Off on the Wrong Foot Supporting Charlie Surgent
Kythera Supporting Anthony Nero/Zing Productions
Spin Cycle Supporting DoubleDown Pictures
Last First Kiss Supporting DoubleDown Pictures
Clean Slate Supporting Dir. Brian Lang
Charming Supporting Dir. Casey Carlson
Born Good Lead Dir. Jentri Chancey


The Dropout Co-Star Francesca Gregorini/HULU
Girl at a Bar Recurring Co-Star Tracy Mulholland
American Crime Co-Star Steph Green/ABC Studios
Rock City L.A. Co-Star Nigel Dick/Eric Mittleman
U.T. E Television Host University of Texas


The Vast Hollywood Night Guest Star Joss Refauvel/The Mosqueteros
Sharlie’s Angels Guest Star Chris Martin/SMB Pictures
Cavit Know Your Wine Series Host Alix Spence/Kindling Digital
Metaphysical Joe Guest Star Jenn Robinson/Joe Robinson
Speed Therapy Guest Star Todd Zing/Zing Productions
Apt 55 Co-Star Jarrett Keisling
Spread Guest Star Joe Sonnefeld/Doubledown Pic.
The Tiffany and Erin Show Guest Star Matthew Swanson/T & E Prod.
Canon C500 Industrial Model Steven Tobenkin/Steve Poster


Road Trip Mandy SkyPilot Theatre (LA)
Cicadas Alex Celebration Theatre (LA)
Three Sisters Irina University of Texas
Bad Dates Vera Zachary Scott Theatre
Shogun Macbeth Biwa Hoshi Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Top Girls Angie University of Texas


The Legendary Pot Roast Lead Vocalist and Dancer Steven Ryan/IT Productions
Vinyl Cats Lead Vocalist  


My Top for Jeep Principal Will Hamilton/Electric Machine
Sprite “Dap The King” Naomi Will Hamilton/Electric Machine
Red Bull/Battlefield Hardline “Heist” Becky Will Hamilton/Electric Machine
Microsoft Surfer/Travel Companion Dennis Liu/RGA Media


Google Home Mom Aaron Wojack/GoldieProductions
Spring 2012 Clothing Line Model Zarfa Maubris/Caprice Couture
Class of 2007 Catalogue Model Balfour Jewelry Company
Fall Bridal Spread Bride Jentri Quinn/4020 Productions


Stand-Up Comedy Lesley Wolff Fresh Faces class
On-Camera Ongoing Tess Kirsch Tess Kirsch Acting Studio
Commercial Private Session Killian McHugh Killian’s Commercial Workshop
Improv I and II Laura McGhee SECOND CITY
On-Camera Class Clint Alexander East Coast Casting-FOX
Drill Class Fred Waggoner Caymichael Patton Studio
Scene Work Barry Pineo Austin Acting Workshop
Film Acting Class C.K. McFarland Alleywood Studios
Macbeth Shakespeare Workshop The Globe Theatre London


Local Hire: Los Angeles, New Mexico, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, New York, D.C., Chicago, Tampa, Current US Passport

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5’4″ Weight: 115 lbs Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Red Hair Length: Long

Stand-Up Comedy, Dancing the Worm, Aerobics, Badminton, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling, Running – General, Running – Long Distance, Snow Skiing – General, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming – ability – general, Water Skiing, Yoga, Comedian, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Singer, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover, American – New England Accent, American – New York Accent, American – Southern Accent, American – Texan Accent, Irish Accent, Russian Accent