Keith C.

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Keith C.
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Guest Star James Keach/CBS
Michael’s Story Starring Phill Scarpaci/CBS
Family Matters Guest Star Lorimar Prods/CBS
Knotts Landing Co-Star Lorimar Prods/CBS
Rise Co-Star Roger Grossman/AFI Capital
Hill High Supporting Lorimar Prods/CBS
Tour of Duty Supporting Dester Higgins/INT.TV
Totally Hidden Video Supporting Gary Bernstein/FOX
Who Stole Ira’s Couch Starring Minn. Theatre Prods
The Princess and the Dragon Co-Star Minn. Theatre Prods
The Shattered Glass Co-Star Minn. Theatre Prods
Summer Saving Days Principle Ford
End of Summer Principle Ford
We’re the Real Thing Principle Coca Cola
Egg McMuffin Breakfast Principle McDonalds
The Way You Do The Things You Do Virgin Records / UB40
Mark Spiegel Coach
Weist Barron Hill Coach
Physical Characteristics / Measurements
Height: 6’2″ Weight: 150 lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Short

Blues Singer, Hight Jumper, Horseback Rider, Pole Vaulter, Volleyball, Water Skiing