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Lexi F.


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened The Player (lead) Warner Bros./Brightskull Ent.
American Girl: Dolled Up Ava Mattel, Inc.
Pinkfong Wonderstar Chumli, Sasha YouTube Originals/Amazon Prime
Pinkfong Sing-Along Movie: Wonderstar Concert Chumli Netflix/Iyuno Media
Tokyo Revengers Luna Mitsuya, Baby Mana Disney/Hulu
Komi Can’t Communicate Nana Onemine Netflix
Final Fantasy: War of the Visions Little Leela Keywords Studios
Time Traveler Luke Jean (animated series lead) Studio Doma/Marc Graue Studios
Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter, Marie, Peanut dir. Bill Black
Nikke: Goddess of Victory Exia dir. Bill Black
Arknights Astesia, Harmonie Keywords Studios
Super Mecha Champions Serena Brightskull Ent.
Valiant Force 2 Eliza Century Games
Punishing: Gray Raven Bambinata Kuro Games
Arena of Valor Sun Keywords Studios
Teppen Female Player New Generation Pictures
Honor of Kings Cai Yan, Xiao Qiao Tencent Games
Artery Gear: Fusion Erica, Suriel, Cathy Bilibili HK Limited
Eternal Return: Black Survival Aya Studio Doma/Marc Graue Studios
Chainbinders Daria dir. Roy Blackstone
Lineage Red Knights Fairy Princess, Riche, Sea Dancer, Olga The G’AG Productions
Ara: History Untold Child, Dog The Halp Network
Lineage W Arhilde, Velma, Sellia, Ellie, Loria The G’AG Productions
Blade & Soul Namsoyoo (lead), Lyn, Myo Chewoo, Kunkun The G’AG Productions
Blade & Soul Revolution Namsoyoo (lead) dir. Bill Black/Netmarble
USS Midway Museum Excited Kid Champ Cohen
Experience Columbus Announcer BVK, Darlene Stimac
Master X Master Lorraine The G’AG Productions
Windham Hospital Daughter dir. Marc Cashman
Aion Cheska, Euvia, Sofne, Tigrina, Princess The G’AG Productions


Food: Fact or Fiction (Season 3) Recurring role Cooking Channel/Revelations


Fiddler on the Roof Chava (lead) Berkeley Hall, LA
Pride and Prejudice Kitty Berkeley Hall, LA
Chateau La Roche Josie Berkeley Hall, LA
Bye Bye Birdie Penelope Kenter Canyon, LA
A Chorus Line Chorus Westside School of Ballet, LA


Giselle Ballerina Gabrielle Brown, Soloist ABT
Prokofiev Classical Ballet Ballerina Westside School of Ballet
Waltz from Masquerade Ballerina Westside School of Ballet
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Clarinet Westside School of Ballet
Swan Lake Swan Westside School of Ballet
The Nutcracker Candy Cane, Flower, Angel, Arabian Westside School of Ballet


Warner Loughlin Studios Comedy/Drama Scene Study & Improv
Terry Berland Commercial Acting Workshop On-Camera & Improv
Danielle Eskinazi Commercial Dialogue Course On-Camera
Ned Lott Animation Voiceover
Tony Gonzales Animation Voiceover
Sara Sherman Animation Voiceover
Marc Graue Commercials & Animation Voiceover

Sweet, real, quirky. And absolutely adorable. First commercial I ever auditioned for I booked and played opposite my real life mom! p.s. I make amazing homemade pizza with a Chicago flair. And double chocolate brownies with mocha buttercream frosting!

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5’5″ Weight: 105 lbs Eyes: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn Hair Length: Shoulder Length

Baker (fab brownies!), I love my puppy Dove, Published journalist, Singer, Tutor for children, Voiceover, American – Southern Accent, American – Texan Accent, British – BBC English Accent