Mila R.

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Mila R.
Mila R.
Heads, Knees, Shoulders Lead Mado Films
Gilmore Girls Featured Warner Bros.
The Wire Featured The Wire Prod./HBO
Blues Clues Lead That’s a Rap Prod.
Little Bear Marathon Lead Nickelodeon
Health Plus-Strong Parents Lead Noble Steed
Professional Eye Care Lead Studio 83
Credit Clinic U.S.A. Featured Studio 83
Fisher Price
US Postal Service
St. Agnes Hospital
Washington Gas
Acting ACTORS EDGE ACADEMY Christina Ferra-Gilmore
Theater Sudbrook Magnet School Arts Center Director : Gail Schaefer
Vocal/Singing Sudbrook Magnet School Arts Center Mr. Terry / Director: Gail Sch
Ballet/Tap Flair Studio’s / Baltimore, MD Andrea Travis

Hip Hop Dance Swimmer Basketball Soccer Writer/Artist Fashion

Physical Characteristics / Measurements
Height: 5′ Weight: 80 lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Long