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THE TROUBLE (Amazon) Co-Star Director Brian Skiba
WISDOM OF THE CROWD (CBS) Co-Star Director Stephen Kay


Doc, Please Principal Director Michael Cooke
Josephine Principal Director Michael Cooke
Argus Principal Director Jack Duff
The Many Addictions of Chloe Supporting Director Kate Rees Davies
Doilie’s Diner Supporting Director Michael Gianni
Yesterday’s Tomorrow Supporting Director Jay Todd
The Villikon Chronicles – Genesis of Evil Supporting Director Bryan Kinnaird
Beauty Sleeping Supporting Director Jett Farrell-Vega
Waiting to Exhale Under 5 Director Forest Whitaker


1950’s Malt Shop Revisited Peppy Rahley (Lead) Herberger Theater Center
Fiddler on the Roof Tzeitel (Lead) Glendale Theater
Grease Radio Singer & Ensemble Glendale Theater
Into the Woods Ensemble Glendale Theater
Van Down by the River Daughter (Lead) Glendale Theater


(List available upon request)    


Groundlings Comedy Improv Julian Gant & Kimber Condict
iO West L.A. (Graduate) Comedy Improv Dave Hill, Paul Vaillancourt,
iO West L.A. (Graduate) Comedy Improv Colleen Doyle, Holly Laurent,
iO West L.A. (Graduate) Comedy Improv Zach Huddleston & Nate Sherman
UCB L.A. (Upright Citizens Brigade) Comedy Improv Jessica Allen Eason
The Originals Intro to Improv Matt Rosin
JesterZ Improv Comedy Comedic Improv & Technique Jeff Rawls

TRAINING (Continued)

Master Scene Study – 5 years Stanislavski, Chekov & Meisner Donna DeCarl D & D & Co.
Dramatic Improvisation 5 yrs Stanislavski, Chekov & Meisner Dana Reilly D & D & Co.
Commercial Technique 5 years Stanislavski, Chekov & Meisner Dawn Reilly D & D & Co.
Acting & Cold Reading Ramona Richards Celebration Theater
Chekov Method Michael Schoenfeld D & D & Co. Intensive
Loop Group & Group ADR The Actors Company Wolfie Trausch
On Camera Commercials Elayne Stein Lights, Camera, Action
Shakespeare Intensive Jared Sakren The Shakespeare Company
Soap Operas & Cold Reading John Reilly D & D & Co. Intensive


List available upon request    


Arizona State University Bachelor of Arts Photo Journalism
University of Arizona Two years of studies Media Arts
Scottsdale Community College   Music Production studies


Comedic Improv Voice Over Dramatic Improv
ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Stand-In Teleprompter Print Modeling
Snorkeling – open ocean Swimming – freestyle Treading water-eggbeater kick
Rollerblading Rollerskating Trampoline
New York Accent British Accent Southern Accent
Singing-Mezzo Soprano Whistling  

American born, Mira is ethnically ambiguous and identifies as being diverse. She has acted opposite notables including Robert Wagner, Natalie Tena (GAME OF THRONES), Jeremy Piven, Richard T. Jones & Ion Overman. Strong in comedy & drama! Currently residing in L.A., she grew up in Chicago & Phoenix. In the 2nd grade she began performing in theater, choir & band. A crafted character actor, she can morph from playing relatable working class roles to imposing high status & eccentric characters. Perfect for SciFi.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Long

Account Management, Business Management, Comedy / Comedy Improv, Cooking / Baking, Creative Writing, Customer Service, Empathy, Food Server /Bartender, Great With Kids / Pets, Grooming Cats & Dogs, Photography / Painting, Sales / Marketing, Songwriter, Vegan Cheese Making, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Snorkeling, Swimming – freestyle, Improvisation, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Alto, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover, American – New York Accent, American – Southern Accent, British – BBC English Accent, Eastern European Accent