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Paul L.
Days Of Our Lives Series Regular / Contract Role NBC
Blood Relatives Guest Star Discovery
Smith Guest Star CBS
Angel Guest Star WB
Friends Guest Star NBC
MegaPiranha Starring SyFy Channel
Megafault Lead w/ Brittany Murphy SyFy Channel
The Horde Lead Razors Edge Prod.
Reality Therapy Lead Alexis Dreyfus
Warfighter Lead Jerry Angelo
Cobragator Lead SyFy Channel
Til Death Lead Outpost 31 Prod.
Code Red Lead Dir. Matthew Waynee
Skookum Lead Hollyplex
Re-Generator Supporting One Night Prod.
200 MPH Lead Cole McCay
Cheerleader Camp Supporting Mark Quod
Ballistica Lead Dir. Gary Cole
Lost InThe Woods Supporting Andrew James
The Terminators Lead Asylum
Vampire In Vegas Lead Jay Andrews
The Last Bad Neighborhood Lead NCK Films
White Air Lead Millenium Films
Crash Landing Lead Jim Wynorski
Komodo Vs. Cobra Supporting Cinetel Films
Cannibal Taboo Lead Mike Tristano
Fall Guy: John Stewart Story Lead John Stewart
Freezer Burn Supporting Brookturn Co. Prod.
A.I. Assault Lead Cinetel Films
Crippled Creek Lead H2 Films
The Vault Lead Artist’s View Ent.
The Curse of the Komodo Lead Franchise Films/Scifi Chan
House Of Love Lead Tom Lazarus
The Eliminator Lead Artist’s View Ent.
Savage Season Lead Michael Tristano
Gale Force Supporting Artisan Entertainment
American Tigers Supporting Gun For Hire Films
The Ultimate Game Lead Jack Kapriellian
Killers Lead David Latt
Return To Savage Beach Lead Andy Sidaris
Club Wild Side Lead Lawrence Lanoff
Blazing Force Lead Mark Gordon
Radius Lead K2 Films
The Independent Supporting Dir: Stephen Kessler
Aaron Speiser Scene Study/ Private Coach
Carolyne Barry On Camera
Larry Cornfield Acting Technique
Marsha Myers Advanced Improvisation

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Physical Characteristics / Measurements
Height: 6′ Weight: 200 lbs Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Short

Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Boxing, Combat – Stage, Cycling – Mountain Biking, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Karate – Goju-Ryu, Karate – Kung Fu, Karate – Shito-Ryu, Karate – Shotokan, Kick Boxing, Kickboxing, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Martial Arts – Jiu-Jitsu, Martial Arts – Jujutsu, Martial Arts – Kendo, Martial Arts – Mixed, Martial Arts – Taekwondo, Mountain Climbing, Rappelling, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Scuba Diver, Shooting – Revolver/Automatic, Shooting – Rifle, Snow Skiing – General, Swimming – ability – general, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Firearms, Modeling, Motorcyclist, Stunts, Italian Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent