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SEAL Team (Recurring) CBS Dir: Christopher Chulak
General Hospital (Recurring) ABC Dir: Various
The Storm (Recurring) NBC Dir: Bradford May
Young and The Restless (GUEST STAR) CBS Dir: Sally McDonald
Heartbreakers (GUEST STAR) DIS Dir: Kenn Macrae
We are CVNT5 (GUEST STAR) Go90 Dir: Matt Enlow
Spec Ops Mission (GUEST STAR) DIS Dir: Christopher Barnes
StartUp SONY Dir: Ben Ketai
Castle ABC Dir: Rob Bowman
State of Affairs NBC Dir: Nelson McCormick
Adopted ABC Dir: Gail Mancuso
CSI CBS Dir: Jeffrey G. Hunt
The Bridge FX Dir: Gerardo Naranjo


American Sniper Warner Bros. Dir: Clint Eastwood
Thank You For Your Service Universal/Dreamworks Dir: Jason Hall
The Outlaws of Mendocino Amazon Dir: Ryan McGrady
Hard World for Small Things CYRK Dir: Janicza Bravo
Double Crossed Supporting Dir: Gary Anthony Sturgis
Just Another Dance with My Father Supporting Dir: Rob Greenlea
Hero Traitor Patriot Supporting Dir: Eion Bailey/Weyni Mengesh
Overwatch Lead Dir: Aaron Cohen
Captive Lead Dir: Jeff Carolan
2200 Hrs Lead Dir: Hamlet Sarkissian
The Rising Lead Dir: Mila Perkins
K-town Killer Lead Dir: Vahan Bedelian
The Secretary Lead Dir: Jake Weinheimer
Ghosted Lead Dir: Sevgi Caccina
Born to Die Lead Dir: Jeremy Chen
Yellow Rain Lead Dir: L Warren Thompson
Lizzy’s Plan Lead Dir: Joshua Lang
Wounded Knee Lead Dir: Myra Mann
Resistance Lead Dir: Kanani Koster
Love Doctor Lead Dir: Joshua Friedman
Serial Killer Superstar Supporting Dir: Joseph Picozzi
The Secret Weapon Supporting Dir. Ken Sagoes
Blood Brother Supporting Dir: Jacob Arbittier
2nd Chance for Christmas Supporting Dir: Christopher Ray
Un-Visible Supporting Dir: Anthony Gilardi
Navy SEALS vs Demons Supporting Dir: Jeffrey Reyes
Red Team Go Supporting Dir: Gary Ambrosia
Executive Protection Supporting Dir: Olivier Gruner
Jacobs Honor Supporting Dir: Jay Woelfel
Maggie Supporting Dir: Holly Elissa
Say It Supporting Dir: Rui Zhu
Premeditated Lead Dir: Jonathan Washington
Drop Me A Line Supporting Dir: Tatiana Zakharchenko
Broken Badge Supporting Dir: Jolie V. Oliver
The Veteran Hour Lead Dir: Hamlet Sarkissian
Project 12 Lead Dir: Gary Ambrosia
Power of Puxxy Lead Dir: Ri Versteegh
Heartburn Supporting Dir: Julian Chojnaki
Starship Rising Lead Dir: Neil Johnson
Sleep Debt Lead Dir: Patrick Canning
We Will Rock You Supporting Dir: Alex Lvovsky
Rendezvous Supporting Dir: Mark Kosin
Ground Branch Lead Dir: Aaron Cohen
My Smoking Movie Lead Dir: Hilary Gaber
Another Superhero Movie Supporting Dir: Creep Creepersin
On the Rocks Lead Dir: Andruis Mazeika
Gav-n Lead Dir: Gary Ambrosia
In the Darkness Mattoid Entertainment Dir: Andrew Robinson
Re-Generator Supporting Dir: Olivier Gruner
Manny Cam Lead Dir: Aaron St. Clair
The War Within Lead Dir: Brett Lynch
The Trouble Supporting Dir: William McNamara
Three Peas in a Pod Lead Dir: Jeremy Mowery
Higher Power Break Media Dir: Matthew Santoro
A Year to Life Supporting Dir: Nikki Hevesy
Naturalization Lead Dir: Elena Kolodziejczak
The Gatekeeper Supporting Dir: Jordan Michael Martinez


Last Out (Equity National Tour) Smith / 837 Dir: Karl Bury – Stepphenwolf
Hamlet Laertes Dir: Penny Allen
Julius Caesar Marcus Brutus Dir: Louise Rosager
Julius Caesar Casca Dir: Armin Shimerman
Hecuba Talthybius Dir: Lizzy Ross
For Richer, For Poorer Jimmy Lee Dir: Robert Burgos
Ajax Agamemnon Dir: LizzyRoss/Laura Stribling
Grease Sonny Dir: Sandy Hobbs
Alladin Genie Dir: Sandy Hobbs
Herakles Theseus Dir: William G. Thalmann
Women of Shakespeare Various Roles Dir: Katie Brandt
Glass Menagerie Jim O’Connor Dir: Heidi Helen Davis


LIFETIME MEMBER OF THE ACTORS STUDIO (ongoing) Martin Landau, Penny Allen, Al Pacino  
  Allan Miller, Lou Antonio, Lisa Richards  
  Salome Jens, Mark Rydell, Barbara Bain  
  Ellen Burstyn, Salome Jens,  
  Jacqueline Knapp, Cathy Leslie  
  Andrew Manolikakis  
USC Warriors BARD William G. Thalmann, Paula Cizmar,  
  Michael Bodie, Vincent Farenga,  
  Lucas Herchenroeder, Nathan Graeser  

2021 Disney Television Veterans Workshop Alum

Member of SAG-AFTRA Conservatory

Warriors For Peace Theater – company member    

Tony Nevada was accepted as a Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio by Academy Award-winning actor Martin Landau. He went on to work with Clint Eastwood in Warner Bro’s Best Picture nominated AMERICAN SNIPER opposite Bradley Cooper. His next studio film was opposite Miles Teller in Universal/Dreamworks THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. He then gave a chilling performance in Janicza Bravo’s film HARD WORLD FOR SMALL THINGS with LaKeith Stanfield & Jodie Turner-Smith. Tony is attached to several upcoming films.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6’1″ Weight: 175 lbs Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Short

MOCAP, Military Serv Exp (Airforce), Military Serv Exp (Marines), Rappelling, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Swimming – ability – general, Dance Argentine Tango, Dance Ballet, Dance Ballroom, Dance Cha Cha, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Mambo, Dance Modern, Dance Rumba, Dance Salsa, Dance Swing, Dance Tango, Dance Tap, Dancer, Licensed Driver, Motorcyclist, Precision Driver, Vocal Range: Baritone, Voiceover