Trista R.

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Trista R.
Flight 42 Supporting Dir. Emile Edwin Smith
Asmodeous Lead Dir. Eric Jones
Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine Supporting Dir. Kevin Resnick
Utero Supporting Dir. Bryan Coyne
Faceless Lead Dir. Alex Parslow
The Beneficent Spider Lead Dir. Colleen O’Halloran
The Summoners Lead Dir. Christian Ackerman
My Sweetie Lead Dir. Che Thornhill
Silent Retreat Lead Dir. Ace Jordan
Jurassic Block Supporting Dir. Sean Cain
Calling Lead Dir. Yuske Fusada
Sacrifice Lead Dir. Colleen O’Halloran
A Chance Encounter Lead Dir. Aaron Bennett
Malignant Supporting Dir. Brian Avenet-Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Kill Lead Dir. Doc Vidal
Hell’s Belles Lead Dir. Christian Ackerman
Calling Charlie Lead Dir. Michael Clark
Jack and Jill Supporting Dir. Julian Vlcan
Trigger Finger Supporting Dir. Kirun Sanga
Class Act Supporting Dir. Jenny Seabrooke
Breath of Hate Supporting Dir. Sean Cain
The Human Race Lead Dir. Paul Hough
Zombie Ed Co-Lead Dir. Ren Blood
The Parallax Parallel Supporting Dir. Michael Clark
Plagued Lead Dir: Michael Clark
Marin Blue Supporting Dir. Matthew Hysell
Loose Ends Supporting Dir. Matt Fox
Infatuation Co-Lead Dir. Mauricio Hornek
The Iron Horse Supporting Dir. JC Indiviglio
The Last Bang Lead Dir. Amanda Laws
My Crazy Ex ‘Nine to Wives’ (2014) Lead Lifetime Movie Network
Unusual Suspects ‘Flames in Paradise’ (2014) Supporting Investigation Discovery
Alibi Boys (pilot 2014) Lead Seymore Films
Killer Kids ‘Frenemies and the Reject'(2014) Lead Lifetime Movie Network
Lost Tapes ‘Zombie’ (2010) Strong Supporting Animal Planet
The League of S.TE.A.M. ‘The Eye of Odin’ Guest Star Dir. Sheyne Fleischer
Youthful Daze Recurring Dir. Bryan James
The Interrogationists Supporting (recurring) Dir. Priscilla Gibbons
Brooke Beckman: Haunted MD (promo) Supporting Dir. Sara Beck
Dangerman Lead Dir. Andre Campbell
Feels Like Forever Lead Dir: Stephen Groak
Nazareth Lead Dir. Suren Seron
Jack and Jill Lead Dir. Matthew Hysell
Hugnapper (animated pilot) Supporting Dir: Richard Turke
Jake and the Jamokies Supporting Dir: Matt Mclaren
Suite V Daphne Missing Piece Theatre CA
Please Don’t Feed the Mannequinns Maxxi Missing Piece Theatre CA
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West West Valley Playhouse CA
Eleemosynary Echo Fuller Theatre CA
High Noonish Bean West Valley Playhouse CA
Two Dwarves and Seven Whites Magic Mirror West Valley Playhouse CA
Race Relay Ensemble Chester Wash. Theater CA
A Quiet Christmas Eve Tess Actors Workout Theater CA
Doomsday Gigi Actors Workout Theater CA
Cotton Alley Avery Actors Workout Theater CA
Any Number Can Die Sally The Centre Theatre CA
Christmas 911 Angie Actors Workout Theater CA
The 6th Trumpet Rhoda Actors Workout Theater CA
Not Not Not Enough Oxygen Vivian Imago Theater OR
Heart’s Desire Suzy Imago Theater OR
Hotel America Phattie Metro Playhouse NYC
Steel Magnolias Annelle Gemini Theater PA
Technique Chuck Gale Nicolas Martin-Smith
Scene Study Andrea Masters Brendan Hughes
Film Cate Smit Jim Elliot
Voice Projection/ Sound Chris Neher Angela Eckart
Improv Michael Perilstein
Stage Combat John Bellomo Mike Chin
Dance/Movement Ramon Galindo Lindsay Chambers

Best Actress – ‘A Night of Horror’ for ‘The Human Race’ (Sydney Australia, 2013)

Physical Characteristics / Measurements
Height: 5’2″ Weight: 100 lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Long

American Passport, Licensed Driver, Plays younger roles, Aerobics, Badminton, Bowling, Combat – Stage, Cycling, Cycling – Mountain Biking, Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Swimming – ability – general, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Voiceover, New York Accent, Southern Accent